The Beginning of an Excellent Adventure

Remember, “Be excellent to each other.”

Well, the clock has almost run out on my four and a half year stint with Uncle Sam. It has been quite a ride. I started working at EPA as a freshly minted graduate-fellow with some political experience and plucky ideas about economics. Our politics were divisive and the economy was going into the tank.

Sadly my arrival in DC didn’t fix our politics, but the economy is slightly better so I guess I didn’t kill too many jobs in my tenure.

Sorry, that was really negative, and you all have enough on your plate. Let me turn that around. Perhaps I’m trying to say, despite certain frustrations, my time at EPA has been amazing. The staff in the Office of Water include some of the smartest, most dedicated people I have ever met. From them I have learned more about stormwater and our regulatory program than I knew was possible about any subject area. Most impressively, I can now list myself as tri-lingual: English, German, and water quality (WQ) acronyms.

There was a time I thought I would never leave. Unfortunately I have a short attention span (four and a half years being short in government time) and, very fortunately, I have a European wife.

So I’m off. Equipped with the discipline and subject area background I have acquired from my EPA experience, I will spend next year and a half learning German and searching for solutions for our ailing water infrastructure systems. A truly unbelievable opportunity made possible by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s German Chancellor Fellowship and the Ecologic Institut EU.

I’ve started this blog to try to take some of you along on this adventure. It will be part travel log, part documentary of my fellowship, and part forum for some of my zany ideas. I’m going to try to keep it as fun as possible but there is a serious thread running underneath. Public health, the environment, and the financial sustainability of many communities are closely linked to our water infrastructure challenges. I fervently believe that applying informed social science to these problems can help our local, and perhaps even our national, politics and policies trend toward solutions. Therefore, I hope you’ll help me make the best of this opportunity and ask me to explain when I’m unclear and redact when I’m just plain wrong. I’ll have no idea how silly my ideas are if you don’t tell me.

Thank you, and please stay in touch.

Christopher Moore (not the other one)

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