Cute Room, Unserious Water Policy

As many of you know I’m currently driving from DC to CA. My wife and I stopped in at the adorable Pueblo Bonito in Santa Fe, NM. Look how cute it is.

Kiva Photo

They give you wood for the fireplace every night. We are in a desert however, so the City of Santa Fe has taken the forceful measure of requiring a sign to be posted in every room to tell the inhabitant to save water!


But in the bathroom, traditional high flow toilet and shower head. I can’t believe they’re that serious.

High Flow toiletHigh Flow Shower


And we haven’t seen any recycling in GA, TX, or NM. One forgets how behind much of this country is when it comes to resource conservation.



3 thoughts on “Cute Room, Unserious Water Policy

  1. Hi Chris, Please don’t forget to eat the crakers when you reach CA. Please be in touch. I will follow your blog.


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