On the theme of police, and not trusting numbers to tell us the full story, The Wire, Episode 15.

Col. Rawls covering his backside

M.S.P. COLONEL: Bill, I’m not arguing that the jurisdiction’s not technically ours. Patapsco’s definitely Port Authority property and the port police have the jurisdiction. That’s not in dispute here.
RAWLS: Good.
M.S.P. COLONEL: But they’re not equipped for a death investigation. I mean, you dump 13 bodies on them, you’re dumping them on us. M.S.P. is gonna have to pick up that slack, overburdened as we are.
RAWLS: Robbie, I have fought and scratched and clawed for four months to get my clearance rate up above 50%, and right now, it stands at exactly 51.6%. Do you happen to know what my clearance rate will be if I take 13 “whodunits” off your hands? 39.4%.
M.S.P. COLONEL: Bill, like I told you–
RAWLS: Hey, we did not get to be colonels by being complete fucking idiots, right? (Laughing) Robbie, you poor bastard, you look like you need a cup of coffee

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