Illustrating With Keynote

Graphic Test- Naturally Driven Change

A natural driver of hydrological change.



I’ve been looking into visual ways to communicate my work and have been playing a bit in Apple’s Keynote which has an easy to use and attractive set of shapes and colors. I’m kinda tickled with the result of my test and plan to work with Keynote a bit more. But I would certainly like to hear of any other cheap and easy to use illustration packages that are out there.

Managing Power Inequalities in Policy Making: An Encouraging Case

Those with the power make the rules, and with a few notable exceptions, the rules usually benefit those with the power. This is a general truth in human affairs.

For those of us who live in democratic societies, this often means living with the contradiction of nominal equality before the law and in political power (“one man, one vote”) versus reality: the few who wield economic power have a disproportionate voice in the political process through their lobbyists, and extra protection before the law with the help of their high-end lawyers.

Requiring that everyone have a seat at the table, and thus a voice in the process is a common way to assure that actions in the public arena do not neglect society’s less fortunate. But even if the less fortunate are able to make it to the table, just a seat at the table doesn’t make you an equal, and certainly doesn’t guarantee that your interests will be represented in any final decision. Power dynamics have a way of playing themselves out around a table, too. Continue reading